Wedding Photographer David Jones Shares Tips on All-Weather Photography …

Earlier this year, the UK and its neighbouring countries across Europe have been ravaged by extreme weather conditions, with frigid temperatures and snowstorms halting business operations across the region. Flights and train departures were cancelled in major airports and railways in the UK, such as the Heathrow airport in London and the Eurostar train service, leaving thousands of passengers stranded at the terminals. Schools and other businesses have also closed down due to extreme weather. However, businesses are not the only groups affected by such conditions; many couples across London have also been unable to hold portrait sessions for engagements and weddings because of severe environmental conditions. David Jones, one of the foremost wedding photographers in the London area, offers a few tips to help couples get memorable pictures in the face of bad weather.

According to David Jones, photography sessions during unpleasant weather are still possible; however, it is very important to assess the conditions of the environment objectively and maintain the safety of all members of the group above all. He shares that if the weather is truly dangerous, such as in a snowstorm, or is unlikely to improve and maybe even worsen, the best thing to do is to simply reschedule or resort to a backup plan.

“The portraits for your wedding or engagement are definitely important,” he explains “But it’s not worth risking your safety. Always have a backup plan in case you are taking photos outdoors,” he stresses.

If the weather is brighter but hints of light rain or snowfall later in the day, Mr. Jones advises couples and photographers to be prepared. For instance, when scheduling a photography session, couples must first consult the weather forecast and find the best date when there is the least chance of snow or rain.

He also recommends wearing comfortable clothing and footwear, preferably the waterproof kind. According to Mr. Jones, comfort is essential as this can influence the mood of the session: “Couples who are not comfortable with their clothes are very likely to appear uncomfortable in their photos as well. The wedding photographer London couples hire, on the other hand, should also wear comfortable gear. Wet clothing or shoes can be distracting and can keep you from focusing on your subjects. Ultimately, you won’t be able to perform as well as you normally would if you are not comfortable,” he stresses.

In addition to weather-appropriate clothing, couples and photographers must always have emergency gear on hand, such as umbrellas, jackets and extra clothes.

Lastly, Mr. Jones, who specialises in reportage-style or vintage wedding photography, advises couples to be creative and simply make the most of the situation. He stresses that changes in weather can bring about surprises that can unexpectedly lead to better pictures than what was originally planned. He shares that couples should simply relax and not focus on getting every detail right:

“Sometimes, it is the minor imperfections that make a photograph even more memorable. A photograph showing you and your new husband or wife smiling despite bad conditions is proof that your love is strong enough to weather any storm,” he says.

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