True ‘Digital Age’ Photographer Debuts Stunning New Website

Lancashire, UK — (SBWIRE) — 11/03/2012 — Many people have heard tales of terrors coming from their photographer, whether it be an engagement photographer, a wedding photographer or a family photographer. There are many relics of the old days of photography, that don’t have a grasp of the digital wave that has taken over the field of photography. In addition, there are many photographers that insist on shooting in stiff, studio situations, that express the creativity or artistic quality that many people are looking for when it comes to the photographs that will serve as memories of the most important moments in their lives.

Danny Beattie has gone against the grain in the photography industry, specifically in the field of Cheshire wedding photography and Cheshire pre-wedding photo shoots. Beattie embraced the digital age of photography early on, allowing him to remain flexible and create artistic, unique photographs, when others were still stuck on the techniques of the past.

“I’m not a typical ‘grumpy old man’ who will tell you stories of when he used to use film and develop his own image,” said Beattie. “I’m from the digital age and have a unique eye for a great photograph.”

Beattie is showcasing his talents with the debut of his new website,, which is a great representation of Beattie’s talents and aesthetic. The new website is not only clean, sleek and beautiful, but it is also a great showcase of the photographs that Beattie takes. Visitors to the site will be able to see shots of a variety of subjects, and in a number of settings, from engagements and weddings, to children and animals, all done in the style that Beattie has come to pride himself on being able to deliver.

“With my new website, I not only wanted people to get an idea of me and how I take pictures, but I also wanted the photo galleries to serve as an inspiration,” said Beattie. “I wanted to take my art, and make my website an art gallery of sorts.”

“Photography is a passion to me,” said Beattie.“I plan to make your special day one to remember and it’s my promise that you’ll have fun in the process. Using my unique “eye for a photo”, external lighting equipment, fast/sharp lenses and a modern approach to photography, you can be sure that each time you hear the noise of the camera’s shutter I’ll be capturing a moment in time that you’ll cherish forever.”

Beattie feels it’s important to always bring a sense of fresh new ideas and creativity to every photo shoot, which is what he says sets him apart from other photographers in the area, including those specializing in Northwest wedding photography.

“You’ll see so many pictures that look posed, and rigid and very unnatural, and that’s not what I’m about,” said Beattie. “For me, it’s really about capturing a moment, and that’s why I take every detail, from the setting, to the lighting to the post-processing techniques so seriously. I realize that taking pictures of the most life-changing events for a person is a very big task, and it’s something that I take to heart each and every time. I think that my new website, and compilation of images, is a real reflection of that mentality.”

About the Photographer
Danny Beattie is a self-taught photographer from Leigh, near Warrington who has had a passionate interest in Photography for many years. Using digital SLR and modern post-processing techniques Beattie has produced some unique and stunning images.

Contact Information
Danny Beattie Photography
85 Bow Road Leigh
Lancashire WN7 3AG
United Kingdom
Phone Number: 07917 162727

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