"Trash the Dress" Trend Becoming More Popular

Wedding photography has been popular for hundreds of years, but now a new trend in bridal photography, called “Trash the Dress” is posing some dangers to some people looking to try it.

The “Trash the Dress” trend is one where brides have a photo shoot doing something that destroys their dress.

Sometimes the spouse is involved, other times, it’s just the bride.

But for one Canadian woman, her “Trash the Dress” photo shoot turned deadly.

30-year-old newlywed Maria Pantazopoulos did for her shoot.  But hers, turned fatal.

It happened last Friday, near Rawdon, Quebec.

Maria was married on June 9th, and had her “Trash the Dress” photo shoot in a river near her hometown.  When she was shooting, her dress, soaked with water, became too heavy, and dragged her under the water.

The photographer, and some bystanders tried to help her, but Maria drowned.

On Wednesday, we spoke with local photographer Paul Lorei about this new trend, he said it’s still relatively new to the Erie area, but he’s had requests to shoot a “Trash the Dress” session.

He says it’s something he’d consider, but adds it’s important to discuss boundaries, and never do anything too dangerous.

“Safety first,” he said.  “A lot of times it’s the photographer that’s climbing up on scaffolding or up on the side of a wall or something, absolutely. I won’t take chances, I just won’t. It’s not worth it.”

Pantazopoulos’ family released a statement saying they’d like stronger security measures for anyone shooting in a body of water.  Then they asked for their privacy as they grieve the loss of their daughter.

No word yet on if charges will be filed in that case.

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