top trends in wedding photography

There is a rise in candid photography as people want to have candid moments of their weddings captured in addition to regular wedding photography. That’s why you’ll find a new breed of young photographers who shoot only candid pictures.

Another rage at weddings is instant prints. Kodak introduced this concept at weddings where photographers set up a photo booth where they take pictures and offer instant prints to guests. We’ve found that this concept is taking off in a big way in metros and many other markets.

The other trend is women photographers. With candid photography becoming popular, women are in the best position to capture a bride’s intimate candid moments. 

In terms of printing, are people looking at any new and innovative options?
Traditional wedding albums, including the so-called photo books, are essentially a collection of images pasted in a poorly designed page. There is no element of story-telling or even style in the product. This is the only product in the whole wedding where a consumer is not sure what exactly the end product will look like.

In order to address the changing needs of the new, younger consumers, who demand style, personalisation and choice, we at Kodak have introduced a range of personalised and theme-based designer wedding album packages called ‘Kodak Collections’. 

The packages consist of wedding albums, story books and other printed material aimed at enhancing the experience of personalisation and documenting your wedding so that it “tells a better story.” 

What are the latest features that photographers can offer customers?
Photographers these days are going beyond wedding albums and story books with products like guest comment books, Thank You cards, programme and menu cards et al.

How to choose your wedding photographer? 
Some of the key points to remember when choosing your wedding photographer are:

Experience: Whether it is direct assignments, or as an assistant to a photographer, experience counts. However, trends like candid photography are offered only by the new generation of photographers. 

Style: Is it conventional photography, photo-journalistic or candid photography you want? Choose a style that represents your personality.

Personality and appearance
: They will have access to all the events and people. So choose someone with a pleasant personality and one you can get along with.

Price range and packages
: You should always ask photographers to quote for different packages. If a photographer offers only one type of product or service, you will have no choice. Also ensure you understand what everything costs, including albums, additional copies, delivery period and so on.

What are the basic things to keep in mind when meeting with wedding photographers? 
When meeting your wedding photographer, here are some questions to ask him:

  • Will the wedding be shot by you or your assistant?
  • Does he have any experience in shooting this kind of wedding (read: community-related)?
  • Have you shot at this venue before?
  • Will I get to choose the images and the page layouts of the album?
  • Will you provide any other services such as instant photo-booth at weddings?
  • What is the delivery time?

What is the cost of wedding photography these days?
The prices of wedding photography vary widely. This depends on the number of events, days, type of photography and the album packages. A good wedding photography package can start from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 for a single event and can extend to a few lakhs for bigger weddings.

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