Atlanta Wedding Photographer Reveals Insider Tips on Choosing a Wedding …

There are few photography assignments that
compare to being a wedding photographer responsible for capturing
someone else’s wedding day. It is not the best place for a school
teacher with a new camera to start a career. All people deserve a start
somewhere, but do you want their start to be your wedding?

Would you hire your wedding photographer off Craigslist? If the answer
is no, make sure you meet your photographer in person before you pay
your deposit. This was just one tip found at Atlanta Photographer, Karen
Burns Photography’s blog:

Many well marketed wedding photography companies do just this. They
book every wedding they can whether they have a photographer lined up or
not. The images you see at the interview were taken by a photographer
you will never meet. When your date comes around they will send anyone
they can find with their own equipment to photograph your wedding.
Brides must be careful they are not hiring John Adams based on the work
of Ansel Adams. Karen’s tips help you insure this doesn’t happen.

You can trust the information because Karen is a commercial
photographer who has participated in the wedding industry for over 15
years. Weddings have always been a part of the business because they
love being there for the families they serve. The information she would
give her best friend is there to help make your photography decision one
you can trust. It gives the bride everything she needs to know to make
the best choice for her wedding day regardless of the budget.

Submitted by: Troy Burns
Karen Burns Photography

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About Karen Burns
Karen Burns has a Degree in Commercial Photography from Gwinnett
Technical Institute and has operated her own photography business in
Atlanta since 1995. Her career has always involved a mixture of wedding,
corporate, portrait, and fine art photography.

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