AP Investigates… Black & White Printing

Panasonic releases Lumix DMC-G5 and lenses; Nikon reveals new 800mm lens; Jessops chief resigns; Compact compact sales plummet while CSC sales remain buoyant; NASA releases latest Mars panorama

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The Final Frame
Roger Hicks ponders why so many photographers put the cart before the horse

First Look
Tim Coleman takes a first look at the 16-million-pixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5, plus the new DMC-LX7 flagship compact and DMC-FZ200 flagship superzoom

Photo Insight
Cathal McNaughton tells the story behind this image of a farmer in a field and explains how a long lens allowed him to play around with perspective tests technical

Golla Razo G1269 camera bag and Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter

AP Investigates… Black White Printing
When printing black white, do you use a film or digital camera, print by hand or with a digital printer? Tim Coleman looks at what a lab can offer and what is possible from home

The Darkroom in the Digital Age
While equipment and supplies may not be as freely available on the high street as they were in the past, many people still use darkrooms. Richard Sibley investigates the state of traditional dp

Ask AP
Our experts answer your questions

AP Explains… Direct Positive Paper
Andrew Sanderson explains the benefits of Ilford Direct Positive paper and creating a one-off print, while Mat Gallagher celebrates the joys of Polaroid film

AP readers speak out on the week’s issues

AP reader David Askham considers a black white future

APOY Round 5 results
The results are in for The Beauty of Plants. We publish the top 30 images

London Through a Foreign Lens
As an exhibition depicting London from 1930-1980 opens at Tate Britain, Gemma Padley speaks to curator Helen Delaney about how Another London explores the changing nature of the city through international eyes

Icons of Photography
Tony Duffy’s perfectly timed shot of Bob Beamon’s record-breaking leap in the long jump at the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games is one of the great sports pictures of the 20th century, writes David Clark

All in a Tray’s Work
John Cyr explains how he started his intriguing collection of images based around developing trays from photographers past and present. He talks to Oliver Atwell

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